About us

Kong Telecom LLC - Connecting your World

Connecting to the world using cyber landscape is no more an optional item, it's a necessity in today's corporate world. The ISPs are there to provide the high speed internet connections up to the server room of a business premises, to a box called D'Marc. Our task is to take that connectivity from D'Marc to Desk, for any device that may need the network connections, such as Phones, Data devices, Internet of Things (IOT) etc.

In the world of cost effective & feature-rich VoIP phones and seamless data connection, Kong Telecom helps businesses creating the network infrastructure in new & existing constructions, through building and maintaining the physical and IP layer connectivity, which includes Low Voltage (CAT6/CAT6a/CAT5e/Coax/Fiber) cable wiring for phones & data, mounting, installation & setup of Routers, Switches, Wi-Fi Access Points, Patch Panels, VoIP & POTs Phone Systems, Security Cameras, Security Systems & Fire Alarms at Doors, Connected Medical devices etc.

Since 2009, Kong Telecom has served 500+ customers from Kansas City and vicinity with their industry leading services, spanning in different industries. We are a certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) from Kansas City area.

Our good reputation in the industry can be verified by our customer contacts. Find the testimonials at our web site, or feel free to contact us to get recommendation from customers.


Helping businesses connected to their world.


Every business needs seamless internet & intranet connections for data, phone & IOT devices to be connected to their world. The mission of Kong Telecom LLC is to create the physical layer infrastructure installations and configuration for those.

Team Kong Telecom

The team Kong Telecom has highly technical telecommunications and networking specialists, dedicated in serving the business community for all their networking need, starting from Low Voltage cable wiring through walls and ceilings, to delivering a completely connected internet infrastructure for data, phone system, and Internet of Things (IOT) for your business. We have industry experts in Distributed Antenna System (DAS), Air Fiber, Voice over IP (VoIP), IP Multimedia Subsystems (IMS) and IOT.


Debashis Haldar

CEO and Telecom Specialist

Debashis Haldar is in Telecom Network Research and Development for last 20 years as an engineer. He was a part of many important development in this area of technology, including, but not limited to, VoIP, IMS, DAS, Wi-Fi etc. He has 27 US patents in this subject. In addition to Kong Telecom, he is also the CEO of IPLane Inc., and in the Board of Directors of the product company Blix Ventures, whose main product is CodeBlix.


Kong Keungkhamphong

Founder and in the Board of Directors of Kong Telecom

Kong is a Network specialist, founder of two other companies in addition to Kong Telecom. He is a Network specialist, and integral part of the design and development process of Telecom and Internet Infrastructure for last 15 years. He is in the Board of Directors, and currently acting as an advisor for this company.


Scott Manzo

Telecom Network Specialist

Scott is in the Telecom Network industry for more than 20 years, working in projects by many major corporations in this field, such as Time Warner, Google etc. He is a Network designer for most of our major projects.