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Reliable cabling infrastructure for a superior networking experience

Cable wiring is an art & science together. Connecting devices to the D’Marc (where the internet connection is coming from the Wide Area Network), and verifying the connectivity and speed is an implementation of science & technology. But proper cabling is not only connecting devices to the network. A good cable wiring job must include labels at the end points, and zip-ties the sub-groups of cables for better maintenance and troubleshooting. It also fish cables through walls & ceilings to maintain better aesthetics. Kong Telecom takes this job very seriously in ensuring proper cabling.


We always use Plenum quality CAT-5e, CAT-6 and Fiber cables at all our projects. Although there is hardly any device and application available in the market which requires CAT-6 cabling, we are expecting lot of demand of that in near future. With that in mind, Kong Telecom suggests all it’s customers to build the cabling network with Plenum level CAT-6 cables, with just a little extra cost. By defaults all the quotes assumes CAT-5e cables. Ask the Kong Telecom technician to give you a parallel bid for cabling with CAT-6 cables.

Kong Telecom encourages customers to use Power over Ethernet (PoE) switches, if finds appropriate. POE has many advantages including time & cost savings, reliability, safety, flexibility, scalability etc.

Kong Telecom is an expert in connecting Internet of Things (IOT) devices in doctor’s facilities, manufacturing units, and other industries. The challenge of IOT devices is the determination of type of cables required, if a POE cabling is required, how to make the system connected, if a static IP is required for the device, what kind of DNS entries are needed, and many more. Kong Telecom has the specific knowledge base and specialists to take these decisions ahead of the time, or on spot, if needed.

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